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Chiropractic has evolved a lot over the past century. The main goal of Chiropractic is to determine the root cause of your symptoms. This can be accomplished in many ways. Most commonly, a Chiropractor will perform an extensive exam including health history, family history, current symptoms, orthopedic tests, neurological tests, and chiropractic tests. Dr. Dreas performs all of these including functional lab testing if requested/required.

Understanding the true cause of the symptoms/conditions allows us to actually fix the problem versus just masking the symptoms with medicine, which is the typical model of healthcare. 

Finding the cause and fixing it requires more work and more dedication from the Doctor as well as the patient. It is in fact the patient that is healing themselves, Dr. Dreas is here to give you the answers as to how to accomplish this.
When this healing begins, your energy will increase, weight loss is typical, you have less pain, your mental clarity enhances, your mood changes, sleep improves, etc. It is a lifestyle change that can add years to your life and life to your years